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Catherine Ash

This is big problem. I am trying to find Mrs C Ash (believe first name is Catherine otherwise known as Kate and husband James Ash.

Catherine founded Female Radical association in Sheffield in 1839. Her husband James became secretary for the Chartists. In 1851 Catherine became interim president of the National Women's Rights Association. So we know she was attending meetings in Sheffield from 1839 till at least 1851. Problem is I can't find and trace of her in parish records, census records or census records.

There is one James Ash can find but he would only be 19 in 1839. Can anyone find Catherine?

Re: Catherine Ash

To save duplicated research it may be worth reading this link first

Re: Catherine Ash

Yes I have tried them and no one has found any trace of a Catherine Ash and very little clues on James Ash as neither are in any census records. So unlikely to be duplicating anything.

Re: Catherine Ash

The report in the Sheffield Iris of a meeting which appears to be the founding meeting of the association in 1839 does not mention a Catherine Ash. The named persons were:

chair: Mrs BROADHEAD
proposers and seconders of 3 resolutions:
Mrs Selina SYLVESTER [probably the same person]
Mrs Caroline SCATCHARD
secretary: Sarah FODEN

The meeting took place on 11 June in Fig-tree Lane, and the report appeared in the Iris of 18 June.


Re: Catherine Ash

Now that is strange because a later newspaper article credits her with founding it. Thanks for that. I shall investigate.

Re: Catherine Ash

Found the anomaly The Females Chartist Association was formed in January 1842. I presume this is where Catherine Ash comes into it. Why they started a new group is not yet known. Certainly Mrs Foden was the wife of well known Chartist Peter Foden who was friend of Ebenezer Elliot.