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Carver Street

Can anyone tell me what happened to the bodies excavated from Carver Street burial ground

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Which church was this?


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If you are referring to St Matthew, it was never licensed for burials.


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Carver Street Methodist

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I do remember in the early 60's that the Graveyard at Carver Street was being worked on. I believe they were widening West Street.

The Booklet from S&DFHS does not mention if bodies were removed so I would suggest contacting Sheffield Archives.

Elaine in Ottawa. Canada.

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Re: Carver Street

Two of my own ancestors were buried at Cerver Strret. I visited it about 5 years (??) ago and there was a pub there. Not sure what they did with the bodies, but the gravestones were still there.


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Hi Cal,

Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 22 February 1927.
The trustees of the Carver Street Wesleyan Chapel, Sheffield are giving notice
of their intention to apply for a licence for the removal of human remains and
monuments from the burial ground.
About 125 graves are involved owing to the proposed extention of the Sunday School.
Any heirs or relatives can undertake the removal provided a licence is obtained
from the Home Office. (They could re-inter their relatives in their chosen burial
ground). Trustees intend two months after this notice to apply to the Secretary
of State for the removal of the remains and for their reinterment in the
General Cemetery.
The names so far as can be ascertained of persons whose remains it is proposed
to remove are as follows:-
Henry Hardwick, Edward Dickinson, George Thomas and Mary Ann Thorpe, Hannah,
Samuel and Joseph Henderson, Samuel, Mary and Samuel Driver, Joshua Ormerod,
Elizabeth and George Baker, Fanny and Elizabeth Morton, John and Elizabeth
Middleton, George Wild, Hannah Best, Henry Valentine Bartlett Bridges, Henry
Valentine Bartlett, Samuel Harris, Francis and James Flood, Harriott, Sarah Ann,
Mary and John Smith, Benjamin Longden, Mary Ann Unwin, William Croshaw, S. Binney,
Ann Law, Ann Sebina Andre, Jane Fox, Sarah Ann Hanly, James Jackson,
Mary Ann Eaton Smith, Ann Smith, George Gregory, Ann Taylor, George Rebecca Charles
and Betsy Ann Cox, Martha Marshall, Margery Spoor, Eliza, Eliza and Tabitha Wrigley,
Thomas Henry and Charlotte Millington, John Wells, William Rhodes, Ann Monks,
Edwin, Ann and Robert Moulson, Mary and Mary Johnson, Caroline Kirkby, John Sacton,
William, Mary ELiza, Walter and Sarah Saxton, Harriet Bellamy, Jane and Juliana
Howlden, Louesa Marshall, Maria Ford, Willian Curtis, John Hobson Sheldon,
Thomas, Jane and Thomas Sheldon, William and Martha Dewsbury, William Proctor,
John ....(no surname), Elizabeth and Jonathan Dyson, Joseph Corridge, Thomas
Billam, Hugh Railton, James Goy, Phoebe and Ruth Parkin, Emma and Martha Barnes,
David Lamb, Helen Jane Bagshaw, John and Hannah Pinder, Jane Pinder, Elizabeth
and Thomas Merrill, Thomas Blackwell, Septimus Priestley, Henry Berry, Joseph
Newbound, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Lydia, Joseph, and Hannah Stacey, William and
John Walker, Martha Ann and Ann Wilcock, Elizabeth and John Lancelot Shephard,
Elizabeth, John and Mary Ward, Robert and Emma Gregory, George Mitchell,
Herbert Hazelwood, Henrietta, Henrietta Ann and Samuel Merrill, Mary, William and
George William Clark.
(The article names them individualy so they might be in separate graves).

A plan of the burial ground showing the position of the graves and monuments
or tombstones are deposited at our office No. 9 Bank Street (Branson & Son
Solicitors). All monuments and tombstones to be re-erected at the place
of reinterment.

I believe some more graves were disturbed when parts of West Street was
widened for the super tram. No details found for this.


Re: Carver Street

Hi Cal/Moria,

It looks as if the graveyard has been disturbed a number of times over the years.

I wonder if they were interred (at the families expense?) at the General Cemetery?

So what would happen to the remains if no family were around or able to afford re interment.

Worth checking out.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Carver Street

The details in the notice show that the Trustees were paying for the re-interment in the General Cemetery and the re-erection of monuments, whether grave owners were known or not. If a family decided to re-inter in another burial ground the Trustees would also pay for that up to a stated maximum.

A very similar process was carried out in a chapel graveyard in Birmingham where two of my ancestors were buried. It was surprising to go to a municipal cemetery and find the old memorials in an enclosure arranged as they had been in the old ground - a beautiful book had been published with detailed plans, and engravings of all the monuments (the original site is now under New Street Station).

I believe the most recent removal of remains from Carver Street was for the building of a beer store for the pub. The remains were studied by archaeologists/osteologists from Sheffield University and later re-interred - not sure where.