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Stephen Jones Sheffield

Stephen Jones was baptised 1876; Father Thomas (a blade forger) mother Sarah Ann
In 1897 a Stephen Jones married Elizabeth Ann Lockett, in Manchester
Stephen’s father is Thomas, a blade forger.
On the 1901 Census the entry for the household of Thomas ( a blade forger) included his son Stephen, married but his wife was not present.
Also on the 1901 Census in Manchester there is an entry for Stephen & Elizabeth Ann & son James.
I can find Stephen & Elizabeth Ann on the 1911 Census & this gives Stephen ‘s birth place as Sheffield.
As yet I cannot find “Sheffield “ Stephen on the 1911 Census
Presumably the two Stephens are separate people, but if possible I would like to find the records to prove it.

Re: Stephen Jones Sheffield

Hi Malcolm,

Stephen Jones son of Thomas and Sarah Ann, of Jericho St, Blade maker,
born 16 April 1876, baptised 7 May 1876 at Sheffied Parish Church.

1939 Register, 4 Romiley St, Manchester.
Stephen Jones, D.O.B. 16 Apr 1876, Wholesale fruit salesman.
Elizabeth Jones, D.O.B. 19 Jan 1873, domestic duties.
Hilda Jones, D.O.B. 20 Jun 1921, Raincoat machinist.

On the 1911 census, Stephen, Elizabeth and James are living at 4 Romiley St, Manchester. Stephen is a market salesman.
So this would appear to be your Stephen.

Could Stephen just be visiting his parents in Sheffield in 1901 and back home
in Manchester his wife entered him there as well?


Re: Stephen Jones Sheffield

Hi Moira
Thanks for your message.
I agree that the Stephen in Manchester is our man.
I will probably never know the reason why he traveled to Sheffield but I think you are right in suggesting that he was visiting his family.