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Catholic Churches in Sheffield

Hi Tony,

Just to start the ball rolling re Catholic Church history in Sheffield.

All marriages prior to 1848 were supposed to take place at Sheffield Parish (C of E) Church (Cathedral).

About 1700 the Mass Center took place at the stewards residence on Coal Pit Lane now Cambridge St. After 1710 they used the Lords House (Duke of Norfolk) on Norfolk Row. The present church St Marie was built about 1847. Marriages occurred there in 1844.From that it was probably a earlier building where those early marriages took place.

St Vincent de Paul chapel opened in 1853, With the first marriage taking place in 1853.

St Bede in Rotherham could also be a place where marriages took place but I have no info
for that Church.

I hope others will add information as need be.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Catholic Churches in Sheffield

Thanks very much for the info on St. V de Paul ....still tracking my ggrandparents Emily Moore and Daniel Sheen who were married there 26 February 1884....guess it had been opened only during the previous year!