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Winter Pit

According to the burial record on this site, Arthur Cooke died at Wimter Pit (Coal) and was buried 14/12/1895. Does anybody have any idea where or what Winter Pit is or was. Google is no help on this occasion.

Re: Winter Pit

Hi Sue,

Where was he living in 1891? That might help.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Winter Pit

Hi Sue

I have updated our records as the burial entry should read buried at City Rd Cem Sheffield, but the body was removed from Barnsley. You may like to extend your search to that area


Re: Winter Pit

Go to Northern Mine Research-Coalmines in Yorkshire-1854 under W
**Winter Main at Dirtcar,Wakefield operated from 1894-1903
Winter Seam at Worsbrough, Barnsley ditto from 1888-1889
Winter Hill at Hoyland, Barnsley ditto from 1872-1887
Winter at Crigglestone, Wakefield ditto from 1926-1926

Family Search website has a record of an Arthur Cooke born 1868 died 1895 Barnsley.

Good luck

Re: Winter Pit

There's a report in the Sheffield Daily Telegraph which calls him Alfred:

11 Dec 1895
The death of Alfred Cooke, 34, miner, Barnsley,
took place suddenly yesterday in the Winter Colliery,
Smithies. The deceased had gone to work in his
usual health, and was apparently as well as ever
about two o'clock in the afternoon, when, without the
slightest warning, as he was pushing a corf out of
his working place, he fell and died, in the presence of
Thomas Law.

Re: Winter Pit

This links to an 1894 map centering on Smithies, on the National Library of Scotland site. I can't see the 'Winter Colliery' but it may be there under a different name...


Re: Winter Pit

Hello there Hugh,
When you click open the link and look at the Smithies area you will notice it just says Colliery, where as further up they name the colliery, so I would assume that the unnamed Colliery could well be the Winter Pit/Colliery.

Cheers Roger.