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Transcription Query

Hi, I think there has been a possible error in the transcription of my baptism on this website. The DOB is correct (10.10.41 as stated on my birth certificate) but the baptism date is recorded as the 2nd Oct/1941..?? I am sorry I do not know my baptismal date but would be interested to find out. Thanks.

Wendy in Guelph, Canada

Re: Transcription Query

Hello Wendy,

Your baptism date is the 26th October 1941. I am just looking at the spreadsheet that I checked and sent for upload and it looks like there is a space between the month and the day that shouldn't be there and I didn't notice it because its so small. When its gone for upload, it just seems to have shown as the 2nd rather than the 26th which is odd. Vicki, can you amend?


Re: Transcription Query

Hi Claire, Thank you so much for the baptism info. Wendy

Re: Transcription Query

Hi Claire/Wendy,

Have eliminated the offending space. Now reads the 26th.


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Re: Transcription Query

Hi Elaine, Good to hear from you again and thank you for 'spacing out'...!!
Cheers, Wendy