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WW1 Graves

Some time ago I found on the Forum a link to a site where you could find out the names of solders killed during the first world war I have Sheffield Solders but there was also another site where you could look and find photos (I think newspaper cuttings) of the men killed during the war. I have since lost the link and wondered if you could remember this.

Re: WW1 Graves

Hi Marlene.


Re: WW1 Graves

Dean I have just tried to access the military address which says it is no longer available

Re: WW1 Graves

Hi Marlene, do you have a specific image your after ?

Re: WW1 Graves

There are several members (6) of my ancestors who died during the first world war and I know on the site which I mentioned I did find two photos (newspaper cuttings I think) and was hoping to find if there are more photos.So frustrating as I lost the site when my computer went down.

Re: WW1 Graves

Give me a list Marlene and I'll have a look

Re: WW1 Graves

Hi Marlene,

Just to let you know, the site is still online and is definitely available.
Try this link:

Re: WW1 Graves


The site with photographs as Dean stated is still available.



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Re: WW1 Graves

Thank you I must have been all thumbs when I tried but yes that is the site I was looking for. Yet once again you have come up trumps for me Thanks.

Re: WW1 Graves

A search on the quoted web page has found a photo of my Mom's cousin.
I also thought I had come across a cousin of my Father, William Henry Palmer, Corporal 786514
Royal Field Artillery who according to CWGC records was KIA 26th of July 1918 age 29.
However, the photo of William Henry has a note underneath saying he was killed Oct 28th, no year given, age 31.
The address given is 364 Cricket Inn Road.
William Henry is on the Roll of Honour in St John's Park close to 364 Cricket Inn Road.

A dilemma again with this sometime frustrating hobby !

Is this Dad's cousin on the photo ?
The regiment and age match.
The house location is very close to St John's church.

Could the date of death under the photo be incorrect ?
Have instances been found before where the paper has relied on an unreliable source for KIA information ?