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Charles Jeffcock Walker born appx 1831 baptism record

Hi there
For as long as I can remember I have been looking for my 3 x great grandfather Charles Jeffcock Walkers baptism record. His mother, Mary Walker, in December 1831 claimed parish relief from Hunshelf Bank and named the father as Samuel Jeffcock of Attercliffe on a Bastardy Warrant. Charles was born sometime up to 9 months later.
If I could find his baptism record finding his true parentage would solve lot of riddles.
If anyone can find a record of his baptism it would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Charles Jeffcock Walker born appx 1831 baptism record

Hi Karen,

As Charles mother claimed Parish relief in Hunshelf Bank (Stocksbridge) one would have expected to find his baptisms there.That is of course if he was baptised.

I am afraid that if you do find his baptisms it probably will not give his fathers name.

If Samuel paid what he was asked to pay I would say that would certainly be proof.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Charles Jeffcock Walker born appx 1831 baptism record

Hello Elaine
Thank you for your comments.
I agree that if indeed Charles was ever baptised that there is a strong possibility that his father would not be named. However if he was baptised it would, I hope, concrete my research so far that his mother was indeed a Mary Walker. I have every hope that he was baptised as he baptised all of his children he was to have later in life with his wife Amelia.
How would I find out, do you know, if his possible father Samuel was found accountable for his son Samuel, are there such records and if so what are they called. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Re: Charles Jeffcock Walker born appx 1831 baptism record

Karen, you say you have a Bastardy Warrant. I am familiar with Bastardy Bonds but have never seen a Warrant. Would you mind sending a copy to me please at my email below.
If you look at The Bradfield Arcives site there are many records for Mary Walker, though it was a common name so maybe none of them is yours. There is also one record for a Samuel Jeffcock, a grinder.
Do you have your ancestor in any of the earlier censuses to be able to see if he had any siblings?
Regards, Dave