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Samuel William Hardwick(e) death pre 1881

Dear All, I wonder if someone would be willing to help me locate the death and burial for the above person please. He was born in 1826 and he married Ellen Fish in 1851. I am sure he died pre 1881 as it states that Ellen was a widow. However two things come to mind a)have I found the correct family in 1881 and b)was infact widow was red herring because Samuel had been up to no good and was either kicked out by Ellen or in Prison.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Re: Samuel William Hardwick(e) death pre 1881

Hi John,

I have found two articles in the newspapers.

Sheffield Independent, 18 Aug 1869.
At the County Court, Sheffield. Samuel William Hardwicke and
Ainsworth Levick of Bank Street, Sheffield, Commision Agents.
Adjudicated Bankrupt on the 15th January, 1869.

Sheffield Independent, 25 Aug 1869.
A charge of embezzlement is made against a commercial traveller
by a Mr Turner, wine and spirits merchant, High St, against
Samuel William Hardwick, lately in his employ. Prisoner brought
up a few days since and remanded on own recognisance of £50 to
appear today. He did not surrender to his bail, magistrates
therefore, issued a warrant for his apprehension.

Although this might not be your William, it would explain
his disappearance.


Re: Samuel William Hardwick(e) death pre 1881

sory about late reply. Thanks Moira looks interesting.