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Rose Wrigglesworth (SHOP)

I have just found out my Aunt and possible her son Roy Wrigglesworth ran a shop which sold Food and Sweets
My Aunts name was Rose (Whittaker) Wrigglesworth
Last known address was 36 Sprinkhill (Springhill??) Road, old people's flats Sheffield 13 Woodthrope

My Aunt died 1984
The shop may have been a few years earlier??

Anyone have a directory which may have a mention of a shop owned by the Wrigglesworth family???

Thanks Barry

Re: Rose Wrigglesworth (SHOP)

Hi Barry

I have a 1954 Kelly's directory which lists a Mrs Rose WRIGGLESWORTH, shopkeeper at 69 Poole Road, Darnall, Sheffield 9


Re: Rose Wrigglesworth (SHOP)

Angela this looks like its the correct person. Is it possible I may be able to further the trail with the city of Sheffield for a possible photo??? Do you think they may be able to give a more detailed time the shop was there??
I am intrigued now to see what else may be available
Thanks So much Barry

Re: Rose Wrigglesworth (SHOP)

Angela, did the Kelly's directory mention the name of the shop please.
Thanks Barry