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Stillbirth burial

Hoping someone can help.
I am looking for the burial of a stillborn child. It's not exactly in Sheffield, my great grandparents lived in eckington. My Gran remembers that in early April 1954 her mother in law gave birth to a baby boy and he was stillborn. Given that they lived in eckington I would've assumed that he'd be buried in eckington cemetery. I have checked the online records for eckington cemetery and can't find a record of a stillborn or infant child with the surname Bown whose mothers maiden name would be French. The records at eckington that are online aren't 100% accurate as we've found graves of family members that aren't on the system, I'm completely stuck and don't really know what to do next.

Thanks in advance

Re: Stillbirth burial

Hi Kerry,

Have you found the birth registration?

I believe that "Stillbirths" are in a separate register and not open to the general
public. Maybe if you can find that it just might help. Do you know where the birth took place i.e. home or hospital?

Does Eckington have a General Cemetery and a special plot for very young children or babies?

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: Stillbirth burial

Hi Elaine

No, I can't find a birth registration, like you say it's a separate register. We are in the process of trying to find out if my mum is possibly this child's next of kin and then she can request a copy but that still won't tell me where she's buried.
Eckington does have its own cemetery and there is a section for infants as this child had an older sibling that died aged 1 day and she is buried in consecrated ground in the council owned section, therefore no headstone.
They lived in eckington all their lives and I'm pretty certain this child was born at home, given that the other child is buried there I thought this one would be too.
Eckington cemetery has its own records online which are a pay to view index, their surname was Bown and I've tried every variation of the name but it's not coming up with anything. If all else fails I'll go to the cemetery and ask them if they can look at their handwritten books.



Re: Stillbirth burial


There won't be a problem looking at the registers in Eckington Cemetery. If you phone John Green the caretaker he will let you know when it is convenient to attend. I have often checked them.


Re: Stillbirth burial

Thanks Angela

Yeah, I've found them to be really helpful, I might just have to go and ask them if they could look for me.