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Hallamshire Book of Apprentices

Can anyone explain the odd figures after each apprentice in the list to me?

Sometimes they seem to tally nicely. "7-1781 F1788" for instance could be construed as "Apprenticed in 1781 for 7 years and gained Freedom in 1788" but many just do not add up at all.

I'm confused and befuddled! Any help would be greatly appreciated


Re: Hallamshire Book of Apprentices

Can you give some examples of these obscure entries so we can see if we can spot any sense in them?


ps so glad the 'apprentices' link is working again

Re: Hallamshire Book of Apprentices

David Hey writes in his book Mesters to Masters:

The main concern of the Cutler's Company during the 17th and 18th century were the enrolling of apprentices and the admitting of freemen. The company got most of its revenue from these activities, from fines and from the 2d per annum mark rents. A boy could become a master without having completed a formal apprenticeship, if he had been trained by a father who was a freeman of the Cutler's Company. Those boys who were not the sons of freeman had to serve an apprenticeship for at least 7 years, until they were 21 or more years old. In the 17c eight years was a common apprenticeship term in the local trades, but much longer periods are recorded. No less than 1,354 boys served at least 10 years and 3 boys each served sixteen years. These very long apprenticeships were mostly served in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. In 1712 a minimum age of twelve was set for entry into an apprenticeship, except for the sons of freeman. However 10 year apprenticeships were being entered as late as 1814.

Upon completing an apprenticeship, a man could take his freedom of the Company and set himself up as a master in his trade. However, many young men did not take their freedom, but remained journeymen, working at agreed rates of pay for other masters.


Re: Hallamshire Book of Apprentices

Using records on this site to test the 'rule of thumb' that apprenticeships were arranged to end at age 21...

Apprenticeship (abbreviated)
Baptisms (Sheffield; abbreviated)

ABDIE Abraham son of Richard 10, 1690, F. 1700 [computed dob 1779]
ABDYE, Abraham Baptised March 22, 1677, s. of Richard

BIRTLES George son of Thomas, mason; 8, 1749 [computed dob 1736]
BIRTLES, George Baptised December 26, 1736 s. Thomas (mason)

BLAGDEN, Henry son of Hy (carpenter) 8, 1752; 6-5, 1753 [computed dob 1739/1737]
BLAGDEN, Henry Baptised January 27, 1740 s. Henry (wheelwright)

BLONK John son of William 8, 1712 [computed dob 1699]
BLONKE, John Baptised March 3, 1696 s. William

BOCKING Robert son of Thos. 8, 1712 [computed dob 1699]
BOCKING, Robert Baptised March 9, 1697 s. Thomas

BREWSTER John son of Robert 10, 1693 [computed dob 1682]
BREWSTER, John Baptised November 5, 1681 s. Robert


Re: Hallamshire Book of Apprentices

Just to fill you in Hugh.

It was Eric Youle's server where the problem arose.

I made Eric aware of it and he changed where he had it posted so we were back in business.

And yes it was a problem when we couldn't do our own search.

Elaine in Ottawa.

PS its amazing isn't it. A piece of Sheffield material on a server in Australia (Eric) on to our site here in Canada and back to you in Sheffield.

Always amazes me.

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