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I am now searching for the daughter of John & Catharine Rawlins From my searches I have found that in 1841 she was born c1832 in Hasland, 1851 she was born in Hasland c1932, 1861 she was born in Beighton C1832, 1871 she was born in Birley c1842, 1881 she was born in Gleadless c1833, 1891 she was born in Gleadless C1840 1901, 1901 she was born in Norton c1837, 1911 in Hasland c1871. I have double checked all these records and they all seem to be the same peson but as you see the date of birth and place's have changed. But I still have not found any birth record for Harriet.
Has any one any idea what her correct date and place of birth are.
In Jul - Sep - 1866 she married Benjamin Moore in Sheffield Vol 9c Page 318 and she died Jan - Mar - 1908 age 76 in Chesterfield Vol 7b Page 503.
I have also tried the Sheffield birth records but no success so I am at a loss as to whether she was born in Yorkshire or Derbyshire.
Hoping you can help me yet again.
MY very best wishes.
Fred Wheatcroft.


Fred look at the other posting re Harriet.

Its all there.


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