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George TOMLINSON, joiner and daughter Annie

I am looking for any information on Annie TOMLINSON b Sheffield 1859/1860 (lots of census data to confirm) and her Dad George TOMLINSON who is listed as a joiner on Annie's marriage certificate (m 1884 in Blidworth to William Nixon when she was 24).

Having searched all over the place to try and locate her birth/christening details, I have drawn a blank. I do think there is some connection to the Kirk and Jackson family which would tie in with the 1881 census. I remember my Grandmother mentioning those names and something to do with a painting.

As I live in Cornwall, it is very frustrating not being able to pop over and search through records myself (my family is spread all over the UK - thank goodness for technology!)

Any information you have would be so warmly welcomed.

Many thanks,

Re: George TOMLINSON, joiner and daughter Annie

hello Mary,

Can you give us some more information about the 1881 census entry to help us find it? Is Ann a visitor in Greasley in 1871?


Re: George TOMLINSON, joiner and daughter Annie

Hi Mary,

Have you checked FreeBMD and the Sheffield Council BMD site, for her birth reg?

I presume you have Census info from your message.

Which is the one you know is 100% correct.

Elaine in Ottawa.

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Re: George TOMLINSON, joiner and daughter Annie

There is an Annie Tomlinson baptised at St Philips in 1876 with father George a Joiner and mother Dinah. Address given as Hill Street
Not all children were baptised as infants

Elaine the 1881 census is RG11 Piece 3322 folio 53 page 73 she is listed as cousin to a Kirk family. She is listed as Anne NOT Annie


Re: George TOMLINSON, joiner and daughter Annie

I am fairly sure that "George" TOMLINSON in that baptism is a mistake in the register - he is Charles. There are several other baptisms of children of Charles and Dinah at St Philips and Annie is with them in 1881. Charles TOMLINSON married Dinah SPENCE in Ecclesall B in 1874.

GRO Birth SEP Qtr 1875


Re: George TOMLINSON, joiner and daughter Annie

Hello Mary
Have looked at the positive findings of her in 1871 and 1881 and there does seem to be a consistent link to Jacksons. In 1872 she is 11 and "visiting" William and Ann Roberts and also staying there were two Jackson's, one a cousin of the head. Ann Roberts was actually Ann Jackson before marriage.
In 1881 Annie is 21 and with Reuben KIRK and his wife Mary ( also nee Jackson) and is "cousin".
All this happens in Nottinghamshire (Basford)though Annie was born in Sheffield.
The following records give a possible scenario:
In 1871, on 9th March (a few weeks before the census) a Samuel TOMLINSON died age 31 registered BASFORD
Samuel married Ann KIRK in Basford in 1863. That is 3 years after Annie was born.
In December quarter 1859 an Ann Kirk was born in Sheffield. The GRO says blank for Mother Maiden Name so I assume illegitimate.
The theory is that Ann Kirk "became" Ann(ie)Tomlinson after the marriage of her mother to Samuel Kirk.
I have not traced what happened to Samuel's wife, who I assume was Annie's mother.
To prove it would probably need certificates, though perhaps you can find a link between Ann Kirk and Reuben Kirk.
Sorry it seems a bit convoluted, but I guess some possibility is better than none.I hope it leads to something positive.
Good Luck with it.

Re: George TOMLINSON, joiner and daughter Annie

Mary, there is a definite link between Ann Kirk born Sheffield 1859 and Reuben Kirk born Basford 1851. It turns out that they are cousins. Reuben was the illegitimate son of Sarah Kirk and Ann was the illegitimate daughter of Ann Kirk. Sarah and Ann were sisters. Therefore it is conclusive that Ann(ie) Tomlinson was born Ann Kirk in Sheffield in 1859. She is with her unmarried mother Ann in Basford in the 1861 census.

Re: George TOMLINSON, joiner and daughter Annie

Thank you so much for this! That's given me a lot to investigate! On Annie's marriage certificate her father was listed as George Tomlinson, joiner. We may be finally getting somewhere!
Cheers, Mary