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Stenospeed RPR/Realtime Practice Class

Dear Stenospeeders:
Please take a moment to read about Stenospeed's new Live internet dictation class.

The first class is an RPR/Realtime test practice class, held on Monday evenings 8:30-10 p.m. EST. Anyone is welcome to take the class - all you need is an e-mail address, a DSL or cable connection and a pair of headphones. You will received 10 original takes of Literary, Jury Charge and 2-voice Q/A at 200-225 wpm as well as lively class dicussion (text chat or voice) and tips and tricks for brief forms, realtime and CAT settings. The cost for the class is $20 US, payable through PayPal on a class-by-class basis.

I will personally be conducting the classes and sharing with you my thirty years of reporting and twenty years of realtime experience.

After the class, digital recordings (RealPlayer files) of all ten takes as well as the text will be e-mailed to you for your continued practice.

The class is limited in size, so please indicate your interest by e-mailing or responding to this message.
These classes promise to be fun and educational - you can log in from your home, school or office and practice with other reporters from all over the world!

Hope to "see" you there!

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