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Re: Need new files

Hi, Bec. Thank you for your input on the message board. I have a suggestion and a challenge for you. The suggestion is to download a variable speed player for your RealPlayer. You can try for a free trial, and it doesn't cost much to buy. This way you can have access to all the sound files, as you can speed them up or slow them down.

The challenge is for all stenospeeders out there. This site was created really as a hobby, and as it is free, there is not a lot of incentive to really maintain it. I would be happy, though, to post dictation files from users and start a collection of sound files with different accents, and even different languages. The files could be in .wav or .rm format.

To create a dictation file, select your material - make sure it is PUBLIC DOMAIN material and not anything that is a copyrighted work. If it is not something you wrote yourself, change names and other recognizable data to make it a fictional item. You can use government-issued documents, as they are considered public and usable under the Fair Use Laws of the U.S.

Mark your material off in 20 word groupings. Turn on your digital recorder and read the word groupings as follows:

40 WPM - 20 words every 30 seconds
60 WPM - 20 words every 20 seconds
80 WPM - 20 words every 15 seconds
100 WPM -20 words every 12 seconds
120 WPM -20 words every 10 seconds

150 WPM - 20 words every 8 seconds
180 WPM - 20 words every 7 seconds
200 WPM - 20 words every 6 seconds

The speed for 150 and 180 may vary slightly, but this approximation will be sufficient for practice purposes. Syllabic density will make a difference as well.

If you e-mail your digital file to: I will review it and post it as long as it is not copyrighted and within the realm of decency.
P.S.: If you are submitting a file that is not in English, please provide an English translation, and, please, no coded messages.

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