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shot from the pass 05162008

Exclusive report: car bomb kills several at westinghouse barrio mall.
Kingsville,tx. Hello I am bill Diaz here in front of our Westinghouse barrio mall where el constable cadena y law dogs from across the track are investigating a car bomb that struck the north end of the mall where our hero panzone caliente was to perform this weekend. Our report tells us que three security guards along con el ojo junior barrio private eye were killed when the explosion struck the parking lot.

An increase of violence has erupted this passed few weeks due to the fact que this new gang named. This group has ties con a radical ass- hole group called T.I.C.HECK. I.E. WE ARE NOT sure what they stand for but we do know que this group is well formed inside our hood.

El constable tells us que he got a phone call from them taking responsibility for the bombing where several were killed and 30 wounded. El constable is thinking about asking for federal help in solving this bombings an has imposed a vehicle ban everywhere west of the corner of wells and third street down to ella street up to north 14th street and than back to ave. e and then left to west ave I and then up the street to wells again and turn right and go ten blocks and stop and turn right and along the Armstrong trail and then up to corral. If you are in those areas please make sure that you stop at those check points for now.

Once again a car bomb has struck the westinghouse barrio mall and several have been killed along con el ojo junior barrio private. We will have more details later. I am bill diaz, y keep your eyes and ears open raza.

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