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barrio stock market report for 06132008

barrio stock market for 06122008


KINGSVILLE,TX. Como estan big spenders, I am urbano yosabatodo con this weeks award winning barrio stock market report. We have been taking some real big hits lately con todo el pedo de prices going up on almost every freaking thing. That only makes us barrio resident too be more of cautious and careful on how we spend that little check we have.

Now lets get away from all this crying and get it on con our barrio stock market report:
>Los taquitos, took a freaking hike this week and gone to the highest we have paid before, ended the week at $2.25 each, coffee is extra.

>Los tamales took a dive up on that steady pass this week, but ended the week at $6.00 a dozen. Our tamale man tells us que they will be going up for sure.

>Las tortillas, the price remain stay for the week, ended the week at Las tortillas $1.55 a pack. Think corn tortillas? Yea.

La barbacoa de caberas ended the week higher than last week, $7.00 a lb. llama barbeque at $2.50 lbs. it’s the solution.

< cheap beer is cheap, but steady going up at $1.29. real good.

< a bag of 5 pound bag of pinto beans is going for $2. 25.

#58648: still have some left over live chickens, ducks, and cats and dogs for sale from this passed easter. Some still have color on them, make offer.
#25985: esta vato is still looking for a young woman from the ages of 35 to 52 years old to move in as house maid. Will provide a French outfit. Weekly salary. Contact us here.
#98605: caps and caps are for sale at caps are us, has all teams, gangs, rock groups and make your own. Contact chuy here.
BARRIO realtor report :
Several homes and apartments are for sale at the corner of third and wells . the homes are on the same property and the apartments are also located in the back of the property, if you don’t want the homes we can moved them to another lot that is not for sale. Please contact us here for more freaking details.
Well that is it for today, we are counting down towards tejano roots in alice this November and it could be our year.

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