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hejola report for 06102008

Hejola report for 06102008.
Kingsville,tx. Como estan mi raza I am bill diaz con todays barrio headline
News. But before we get too it, aren’t we tired of all this bull that gas is going to
Reach four dollars. Heck it already did. Are we tired of all that bull that
Everything is going up? Heck it already did. Now lets get to that report:
Crack heads increase in the hood.
Too many chiefs and not enough Indians is the cause why the barrio
burger closed down.
And finally, yearly fund recycle can drive.
Los vato’s locos volunteer firefighters are holding their annual recycle can
Drive, where we want all you drunks and drinkers to bring your
cans over to the corner of Wells and third and drop them off.
This is the story about a family own business where they all want to be chief.
That’s how the fight broke out at the barrio burger shoope
where la familia Garza y su Seven brothers and sister run the place. No one really wants to work there but ever single One wants to be boss. The barrio burger is closed for now until they find some Indians that are willing to take orders.
In other news,Yesterday after noon some real bad news was given to member of el
Barrio church. El pastor morgan, told them que there was more crack now that ever before
And que el lord was looking over them. Now he didn’t say que the lord that was
Watching them was the new word for the narc’s in the hood. And that the barrio task
Force was on the prowl and was working with the lord in healing them , yea..
Well folks there you have it and counting down towards tejano roots and this could be our year.

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