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hejola report for 05262008

Hejola report for 05262008,

Hello once again mi raza y Como estan todos los mojados… can you believe it rained, my god our **** roach problem has been solved for a few days. Did you know that at least a million roaches die every time it rains? Now for the barrio headline news:

Oracle Gomez sentenced to 12 years in prison,
El primo Rudy B. Acosta injured at work drunk,
And finally billy Barron wanted for criminal domestic violence.

El primo rudy b. Acosta endured about 45 seconds of excruciating pain a few days ago at the new construction area near the new barrio flea market. It seems que esta vato had taken a few drinks for lunch and was assigned to drive a small bobcat vehicle that afternoon. Well while mr. Acosta was attempting to shut off that small tractor, , he accidentally stepped on the floor lever that raises and lowers the vehicle’s front bucket. Unfortunately, he did all this at the same time.
Now mr Acosta, with one foot and his body’s weight on the lower lever, had no leverage to stop the bucket, which at that moment moved, trapping his head and his other leg. El primo buddy morgan, rescued him, resulting with many lost teeth and the need for at least one hundred stitches to his used to be handsome face. He was taken to st. paul’s medical center at the Westinghouse barrio mall for observation.

Yesterday afternoon el constable was called to the 710 west Richard regarding bill barron. It seems que when el constable got to that address, Sally wally Barron Canales Diaz, was waiting for him to file a complaint against her husband Bill. It seems que sally had just washed her hair right before el constable got to her home. The reports says que Bill argued with is wife sally, because sally had not cooked anything for dinner. Well it seems que when she began cooking in their very small kitchen, billy also started making spaghetti while eating crackers y some squeeze cheese. Well while they argued inside that small kitchen, billy boy squeezed cheese on the kitchen floor. So sally went outside and squeezed some cheese on his brand new truck. Now he came back and squeezed some cheese in her hair before fleeting in his brand new truck. El constable is asking el barrio, for help in solving this complaint. If you have seen or heard from this billy barron please contact the constables office. A small cheese reward is being offered.

And finally, oracle Gomez was sentenced to 12 years in prison for a barrio robbery last Christmas. Mr. Gomez, who by the way has been locked up for a crime he did back in 1989. mr Gomez, told the judge que he blamed the barrio robbery on federal corrections offcials. I would have turned my life around before now, Gomez said, if you officals had just sent me to a prison closer to my mother’s home here in the hood when I was locked up for that crime back then. Oh by the way as to the charges on that crime back in 1989, he was charged for shooting a police officer as he fled from a barrio stop and shop. Here mr Gomez had claimed self defense, hey they were shooting at me. Pesse hejola.

Ok raza there you have it for today, I am bill diaz y keep dry and stay high on tejano music. And still counting towards tejano roots, it could be our year.

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