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the great debate ay chingo same sex marriage con maria y la china cano.

Wed May 21, 2008 11:45 pm Post subject: the great debate: ay chingo, same sex marriage, con maria la vandia y la china cano Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post Delete this post
The great debate: ay chingo same sex marriage, con maria la vandia y la cnina cano de cnina nuveo leon.
Kingsville,tx. Once again I am blanca blanch blanco con a historial debate between two make believe chicana that have done more for las new chicanas que no one else. Who cares about you babe, si we do.
Anyhow como estan? And am I real excited con esta interview, point of view, and your view. Esto es something que la chicanas need to watchta…!

Tonight’s program will deal with the above issues. So first of all lets maria la vandia handle this question:
Maria: does this mean that If you have been living with a woman this long, are you willing to move to a certain state to get married con la commadre and than return to texas?
Maria: chinga prima that’s a good question, pero first of prima I am not gay. Ok… now pero para las amigas, las primas, y las you know how? Lets not jump on the band wagon too soo. Tu sambias prima que muchas time we feel que we have to leave el compadre porque you know I don’t love him anymore. Pero love muchas times is not the issue. Commadre belive it or not que muchos still believe, stay together for the kids…

La china cano: you know what maria? I think you are right. Muchas time maria esa que la commadre cannot be honest con el pincha compader..pero that’s ok.
Here is my advise con esta question:

your business is our business and my business is none of your business

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