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hejola report for 05192008

Hejola report for 051192008.
Kingsville, TX. Hello again Como estan I am bill Diaz con today’s award winning barrio headline news;
Drunk gets arrested for sitting in the wrong car.
Barbeque missing.
And finally, la commadre finds father of her child.
In recent months la commadre has been saying que junior was not the father of tres, their brand new baby boy. Well after the blood test came back, it turned out que junior was the father y tres was his new son. Now la commadre has to decide if she wants to come home to the family and will forgive her for all the bull **** she caused. All the parties involved will be going to court on this matter, sometime this week.
Yesterday afternoon or shall we say late afternoon, la familia Gonzales got a real surprise, it seems que they were having a barbeque and all went inside to watch that vato Indiana Jones movies an kind of forgot about the meat on the pit. When they remember about the food they went outside and realized que someone had taken all the meat. By the time the constable got there, the family had already looked all over the hood for the meat and the person or persons that rip them off. No charges have been filed against anyone, but constable is looking for your help in finding this person, if you have any information on this matter please contact the constable.

Yesterday morning el senor Juan Moreno was arrested for being drunk in public and not only that got into the wrong red small truck at the store. It seems que el senor Moreno was leaving the store and got into a similar red truck that looked like his. But when he realized que the key didn’t fit, he was in the wrong red small truck. Once el constable got here, they asked him what was wrong with him, he answer, who wasted my truck. Charges are pending.
Well there you have it folks, we are counting down towards this years tejano roots, it could be our year.

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