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country pancho howdy barrio reporter 05132008

Hejola report for 05132008.
Kingsville, tx. Whats up country folks, I am country pancho, the new barrio country roaming report with you all weeks barrio award winning headline news:
Drunk tejano tries to rob good friend morales shop and go.
Barrio man tries help friend by practice old fashion medicine.
And finally two barrio tejanos members literal head-on collision.
This passed Saturday night was the worries fog even hit the hood in sometime, when two barrio members had a head on collision at the corner of third and wells. The result of this head on collision was that both drivers were guiding their cars at a snail’s pace near the center of the road, when the accident occurred both their heads were out the window when they both smacked together, both men were taken to the st. pauls medical center with severe head injuries , while their cars weren’t scratched.
In other news,The late compadre Pete Trevino, a clerk at the barrio community center was so scary of the barrio dentists, better known in the hood for a horse doctor, asked his compadre ramirez, who worked at the hospital across the tracks, to try to cure his freaking toothache by punching him in the mouth. El compadre ramirez, well known in the hood for a former golden glove barrio champ, was more than happy to do him that favor. El chingaso to the mouth caused pete to fall down and hit the floor face first. By the time los vato loco volunteers got to the scene of the accident, pete had passed away. Charges are still pending against el compared ramirez. Pesse hejola.

And finally, Morales shop and go three service attendants refused to hand over the hard earned cash to an drunk barrio robber, the drunk vato threatened to call el constable if they still refuse to hand over the cash. The two employess realized who robber was and told he to get the hell out of here, but the vato refused, so el vato called el constable cadena , who came over and arrested esta vato.
Well there you have an my creator wanted to remind them folks in alice texas, yea the ones in charge of that tejano roots, that this could be our year.

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