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exclusive interview con PURA ONDA TEJANA, Bob Olivo.

Pura Onda Tejana exclusive interview 05092008.
Somewhere in Houston tex. hello again I am Jonathon barrio y very excited que I have been asked to do an exclusive interview con el mero mero de la Pura Onda Tejana website, Bob Olivo el webmaster himself. Si raza, and now here is that exclusive.

JB. Como esta Mr. Olivo?
BO; I am Doing great , thanks for asking

JB; Well bob it seems based on what we read on your website about you , you have been a real busy man en la onda tejana, can you briefly tell our readers about your long journey en la onda?

BO: I have from a very early age established a great passion for our music ,Tejano Music.
Being born and raised outside the state of Texas “Ohio”, and not having Tejano Music as available to you , especially back in the days when I was growing up, you learn to appreciate the value , art form and the heart and soul that is put into a recording. I started doing radio on WBGU in Bowling Green, Ohio in 1989
I had a 2 hour show on Saturday Mornings and I Loved It. I was also Playing Bass Guitar for Los Fatasticos a 6 Piece band based out of Leipsic, Ohio

Jb: on your website, Pura Onda Tejana, we noticed que you have an index for Tejano flash back, 70,80,90 , what’s that all about?

BO: I started that because there was so much great music in those eras and I feel that it is nice to take a trip down memory lane from time to time.

Jb; what kind of research or contacts do you have in order to establishing a tejano top ten chart?

BO: I do an oldie’s show on BNet Radio Every Sunday from 6 to 10 PM so I get their top 20 as well as from very good friend of mine Rudy Trevino of Tejano Gold and of course Countdown USA to give la raza a chance to see different charts so that they can be compared.

Jb: I am sure you aware that la vida de un musico is a ruff one, when you’re on the road some much, what are your thoughts on the commitment that many have devoted to la onda tejana?

Bo: For me it was always to give back to your fans for their support it is even now that I am on the air. I feel that is ultimately the fans that will make you or break you.

Jb: what is the future for Pura Onda Tejana website?

Bo: Jonathon , it is my goal to Promote Tejano Music in any way I can. I came up with the idea to put up a web site because I have been a tejano music collector for many years and have a very nice library of tejano music. I think that through my web site I can share my music as well as keep La Raza informed as to what is coming out as far new releases and upcoming events and so forth.

Jb; I liked the idea of Tejano LP covers and Tejano videos, on your website, is it real difficult to get tejano artist to submit such medium to you?
Bo: Like I mentioned I have been collecting for years all the LP covers are from My personal collection, and this is just the beginning I have many more Lp covers to put up in time.

Jb; I am sure you seen this topic on all the different tejano websites que la onda tejana is dying, what is your take on this issue?

BO: I hear that quite a bit. In my opinion Tejano Music Is and always will be Alive and Well. We get thrown a few curves from time to time but when it is all said and done and the smoke clears Tejano seems to always shine.

Jb: if you were given the opportunity to share your experiences with a hundred young people what would you tell them?
Bo: I would tell them to take Our Music, Tejano Music for what it is not for what for what some people try too lead them to believe it is. Enjoy It , Dance to it, and feel it’s greatness. Request your favorite artists on the stations buy, their CD’s and Most of all Attend their Concerts.

Jb; I don’t want to take too much of your time bob, but why do you think that your website is different from other tejano website that come and go?
BO: I feel that is Very user friendly, informative and above all Real.

Jb: and finally is there any last words you would want to share with our readers?
BO: I just want say thanks for the support through out the years. Y Departe de su amigo y servidor, Que Diosito Me Los Bendiga! Hasta La Proxima …. Bueno Bye!!!
Jb: again Mr. Bob Olivo, we want to thank you very much for this exclusive interview and we wish you the very best, I am Jonathon barrio, have a great tejano day.

Thank you very much for the opportunity and for what you do for La Onda

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