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barrio stock market report for 05092008

Barrio stock market report for 05092008.
Kingsville,tx. Hello again I am urbano yosabatodo con this weeks barrio stock market report. Last week we informed you that we were going to include the prices of pinto beans and rice. We have added a brief summary of our finding on this topic matter.
On our research for the different prices for pinto beans, we discovered que there are chingos de different varieties of ways you can purchasing them, either by the bag or can. The price range for a 16 oz. can of pinto beans go from $1.67 to $1.78. Now if you are a Susie home maker and like to cook your own pinto beans, we encourage you to buy the 25 pound bag, which really is a better deal, the price of that 25 pound bag is going for $20.45.
Now let’s talk about that darn rice. Besides the whole darn world eating rice, it was a bit of a difficult matter. On our research we found more rice in dog food que rice sold along. But as continued our search, we finally discovered that rice comes in many more forms that pinto bean. We discovered que you can purchase rice in a box, pre-cooked, bagged and also found it in many food combinations. The price of rice varieties and the how much you buy is also an important variable.
Now unless you got chopsticks and are on a rice diet, the 50 pound bag wouldn’t be a bad idea on purchasing. But now we can put the blame on chingos de things but that’s what this report is not about. Now a small size bag of rice, like a 20 lbs is going for $19.50. and if that’s too big I am sure we could find a small bag, in which might be limited in some stores.
Now lets get to that award winning barrio stock market report :
>Los taquitos stable from last week, ended the week at $1.50 each, coffee is extra. But could go up.
>Los tamales are on a steady increase, which we noticed a few weeks ago, but took a dive up on that steady pass this week, but ended the week at $6.00 a dozen.
>Las tortillas, are beyond prediction, but for sure the price is going up. Las tortillas $1.75 a pack. Think corn tortillas? Yea.
La barbacoa de caberas remained stable, ended the week higher than last week, $7.00 a lb. llama barbeque at $2.50 lbs. it’s the solution.
< cheap beer is cheaper somewhere else. A 16 oz. is steady at $1.19. real good. But we predict to remain stable.
< a bag of 5 pound bag of pinto beans is going for $2.25.
Barrio want ads:
#5698: for sale used shoes and tennis shoes, size 14.
#8954: still looking for a young woman to live with older man, will provide maid outfit. Weekly salary.
#9862: we still have some baby now big easter chickens and ducks for sale, some still in good health, make offer.
#7652: womens underwear for sale, one size fits all, different colors and different types, make offer for the whole lot.

Barrio realtors :
Ocean front property for sale in palito blanco, the ocean is just a few hours away, make offer for the three lots found in this great ocean front street.
Ok raza there you have it for today, and we are counting our way towards tejano roots this November and we are hoping que we are asked to present an award this year.

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