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westside warrior news network for 05012008

Westside warrior news network for 05012008.
Kingsville,tx. Once again I am lewis mojo lewis with this weeks Westside warrior news network. How is everybody doing today. The last time we got a rude awaking was when sweet potatoes went up .15 cents a pound. But all and all we will get through it, like we have done in the pass. It makes no differences if you are black or white, we all got to pay the cashier.
Now how about that award winning barrio headline news:

A rush to the stores to buy pinto beans and rice packages!
Deputy constable fired for spanking female security at the Westinghouse barrio mall.
And barrio man arrested after arriving at trial intoxicated for a $25. Ticket.

If things were bad enough frank Garza, a hangover street man was arrested Tuesday morning for being almost four times the legal limit for intoxication when he appeared in the barrio justice of the peace court to fight a $25 dollar traffic ticket. Mr Garza who lives on hangover street, three blocks for elm and third street, was scheduled for an april 28 trial to dipute a police complaint alleging that he, on sept. 16, failed to yield to third street on coming traffic while driving his 1978 ford whatever. When the justice of the peace called his case up, the court barrio prosecutor told the judge que mr Garza could not come up due to the fact and four witnesses that he was reeking of alcohol and appeared impaired. The judge too mr Garza que he could not take a plea or evidence from him if he was intoxicated and offered him the option of submitting to a portable breath test, or be held for comtempt of court. It seemed que el senor Garza agreed to comply con the breath test. After the result, he was arrested for being drunk in public.
In other news, Deputy constable Martinez, first cousin to el constable cadena fired for spanking female security at the Westinghouse barrio mall. It seemed que constable Martinez had the legal right to spank Betty Ella, a security guard and a graduate from el ojo barrio private eye security 666 force academy, for not doing her job right. The deputy said that they do that to him at the station all the time. The case has been referred to barrio justice of peace for a full investigation will be conducted on his actions towards Ella and will further investigate this procedures at the constables office.
And finally, what seemed to be a good idea turned out to be a mad house. It seemed que el barrio got its dates wrong on when the free rice and pinto beans bags were going to be given away. Around three hundred folks lined up this yesterday morning thinking que it was that day, wrong. Extra police were brought in to see what the hell was all this action going on. After a few hours of explaining and telling people que its this coming Saturday.

Ok raza there you have it for today, and counting down towards the tejano roots and it could be our year.,

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