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hejola report for 04212008

Hejola report for 04212008.

Once again I am bill Diaz con this weeks barrio winning headline news,
What the heck, now for our barrio headline news:

Barrio leaders crack down on child support for your real child.
One vato gets arrested on a scavenger hunt.
And finally a barrio parrot causes la commadre to file a divorce.

>Yesterday afternoon we learned que el parrot de Benito y Sara Gonzales
has caused Sara to file for a divorce since she learned que her husband’s
infidity when her parrot, peppito, imitating Benitos voice, continually cried
out for some woman named “maria”. Pessa hejola. The family will go to court
to see who will get to keep peppito.

Were involved in a barrio scavenger hunt, went over to the other side of the
tracks trying to meet all the items on their list. They went over to ask if police
officers would please help with the next item on their list and pose for a photograph
of a cop eating a doughnut. El officers obliged but one of them recognized John boy
Boyce from a recent felony warrant and was arrested on the spot.

>Yesterday afternoon a barrio justice of the peaces, passed a local rule que
would not require hard-luck vatos who, believing they were biological fathers,
and had agreed to child support, only to learn via a dna.cia.fbi. Test that they are not,
but still were required to pay that support.
Well it wont happen anymore here in the hood says Christina Ochoa Morgan our newly
elected justice of the peace on a ruling she made yesterday afternoon getting
Juanito Paulito Politio off the hood from paying child support to his ex wife Juanita.
Its seem que esta Juanito had originally agreed to support his new wife’s daughter,
but the he and his wife divorced and the courts had ruled he must continue to support
the girl even thought the wife has now married the vato who is the girls biological father.
The court agreed to get him off the hood from paying child support but instead has
demanded que Juanita pays her ex husband child support for the last six months.
The family will appeal this ruling to an upper court.
Ok raza there you have it I am bill diaz from our command post here in Kingsville texas,
Counting down towards tejano roots, this could be our year.

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