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hejola report for 01082008

Hejola report for 01082008. Cchwnn. Kingsville,tx. Hello folks, so how are things going now a days, my name is bill diaz con todays award winning barrio headline news.
Three barrio members busted for drugs at the bingo.
Two arrested outside barrio mall for stealing.
And finally la comadre boxing might come back.

El barrio boxing commissioner now out of jail has mention he is interested in bring back la commadre boxing matches back to the cona Lozano sports complex. The Westinghouse barrio mall is reviewing the proposal along con el county sports director. So girls get those gloves out, el nergo del monte.
In other news two members of a gang names la ricarda were arrested inside the mall for wearing cantiflas style pants. The mall has posted its not allowing pants below its waist. The two men were taken to a jail house across the tracks for booking. The mall is warning folks that if you are wearing cantiflas style pants we promise you will get arrested.
And finally, three members of the same family were arrested yesterday along con el bingo caller for cheating. It seemed que el compadre morris lopez who has been calling bingo for years had determind a way to get his whole family winning bingo. Well for the last few weeks it seemed que they were the only ones winning the big prize. Well it was determind que some how these folks got a two way radio and were sending the bingo caller the numbers they needed to win. Since he sat their by himself there was really no way to determind if those were the actually numbers that he was pulling. All this folks are facing federal charges.
Well folks there you have it. You just never know. On the road to this tejano roots and maybe this is our year.

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