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hejola report for 12062007

Hejola report recap 12062007,recap for 2007.
Kingsville,tx. Hello again raza I am Jonathon barrio twin brother de bill diaz who is on a vacation. Well its almost here again and have we got any money? Heck no. now lets get to our award winning barrio headline news:
Local taverns owners all agreed they would ask drunks to go home.
Believe it or not, garage sale permits go up.
And finally tres arrested for stealing plants along con el vato who caught them.

Yesterday morning around 4:am, el constable cadena responded to a 811 call que a resident del west side had caught three vatos stealing plants an he had them tired up in his garage. But once el constable started questioning the los tres vatos el constable realized que they had been tired up for three days. Well that’s when the **** hit the fan. El constable than arrested all three and the el resident who had caught los tres. The charges against el resident were taking the law into his own hands.
Friday afternoon the city fathers and mothers published the new 2007 rates for thinks you can do from your home. One of the increases was garage sale permits vs. front yard sales. The debate was which was which. The garage sale permits when from $5.oo a day to $10.00 A day vs. a front yard sales from $2.oo a day to $3.00. One of the city spoke person told us que people on this side of town didn’t have front yards and if they did, we didn’t want them stepping on their front yard grass, if any. A petition will be passed around the hood to see if we can lower this rates.
Yesterday tavern owners gathered at our local community center to discuss the major problems concerning the increase of drunks and the problems they were causing lately. It seems que since football season is over more and more drunks have been coming out into the public taverns says one owner. Another owner also second that comment. The organization of cantinas y dancehall all agreed that these kinds of problems are just what we don’t need.
After a few minutes of discussing these problems, it was determined que ten barrio residents were pointed out as the ones causing problems. So it was agreed by this organization que whenever this person showed up at their bars they were going to be asked to leave and would refuse to service them. They were sure que all of the problems would also.
Ok, there you have it, I am jonanthon barrio and have a great tejano day.

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