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Jennifer Marie

Here is one fan’s review of Jennifer Marie’s CD. You can purchase it at




First Name: Monica
Email Address:
State: Texas
Comments: A Fan's Review of Jennifer Marie's CD

I just purchased Jennifer Maries's debut cd "Here I Come!" , released under Pueblo Entertainment and I expected a lot of good things from this cd and I was not disappointed. Mi gente, this young ladies voice is amazing and the music is just great. I loved it and would highly suggest it to anyone and everyone to purchase it and hear the sweet music for your self. Jennifer Marie is a new life in our Tejano scene and you should check it out. The songs on her cd are:

1.) Siempre hace frio: First listening to it, I almost expected it to be slow, kind of like Selena's version of the song, but surprisingly it changed tempo and became upbeat and fun. Very nice surprise.

2.) Corazon de mi Amor: Fun song, you could dance to this at a wedding or baile, but short, I wanted to hear more.

3.) Si quieres verme llorar: Very smooth, rich, silky voice, Jennifer Marie is dominating the song and vocals. She has a mature grasp on this material and I would keep hitting the replay button.

4.) Jacinto Trevino: Great song to dance to or relax, perhaps have a drink to.

5.) Es Demasiado Tarde: Pleasant song, I would love to hear Jennifer Marie singing this from a stage to her fans, which I have now become.

6.) Damelo: This song is hip and she makes it fun, love that keyboard teasing around the song.

7.) Hay unos ojos: Just the title alone brought me a flashback to Nydia Rojas and Ricardo Castillon immortalizing this song, but Jennifer Marie sings it completely different in a good way. It's fun, jumpy, cool, very danceable.

8.) Una Pagina mas: A slow song, Jennifer Marie brilliantly brings to life.

9.) Mi Piquito de oro: This is a fun song.

10.) Por un Amor: Another great song that Jennifer Marie sings very well.

This is a great first album and I can only encourage you to continue singing, because your fans will definitely be demanding more music from you. When I think of Jennifer Marie and her music it brings to mind a quote from the actor Peter O'Toole: "The discovery and the defense of the new. The world is often unkind to new talent, new creations. The new needs friends."


You can also check her out at her website at:

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