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jerry Jones the new Vince McMahan of professional football

Jerry Jones the new McMahan of professional football.
Kingsville, TX. Hello I am Frankie tuxedo Zungia con this special I told you so. We are not sure what the problem is but watching JJ on the TV the other day talking more money in his NFL pocket and something about wanting all the families in the world to watch football.
Well we really don’t care, it seems que last night we went on a time travel back into time, we had several folks come over and listen to that ole am radio station and the poor reception but we got through it and that’s that.

The sad part was that nfl forced those that don’t have it either have to go to a friend’s home or some freaking bar and then drink and then drive and that busted.
How much money does the nfl need? Or jerry need? Well I figure if we have a super star and we print up caps and t-shirts on that one player alone, could manage to pay that player that outrageous salaries. in addition I have never really been to a professional football game and I am sure that. That could also be a bit expensive.

Anyway we see it we the consumer and football fan are the ones that are going to pay for it on the long run. Some have to wonder why they are leaving football as fans and going NASCAR instead.
So folks in the hood lets keep it together and remember que there always el primo who used to work at the cable company que can fiqure out this hood up. I am Frankie tuxedo zuniga, and go cowboys.

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