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thanksgving day at the mall 11222007

11232005: la voz del Westinghouse barrio mall turkey report.

hello again I am Gloria Guerra la manager del mall. I have been delegated to pass the season greeting para todos.

So in behalf de todos los crazies here at the chicano cable hot wired news network;
BILL DIAZ, JONATHON BARRIO, MARIA LA VANDIA, JOHNNIE EL QUEMON, VERNOCIA LA LEBENESS, LA CHINA CANO DE CHINA NUEVO LEON, ALCARDIO SAMUDIO, FRANKIE TUXEDO ZUNGIA, EL GENERAL FIDEO VERMECLLE, SR. FRANCIO DELGADO DEGULLA, EL OJO Y EL OJO JR., LEWIS MOJO LEWIS, DAVID DURAN, AND MYSELF GLORIA GUERRA AND OF COURSE OUR CREATOR DANIEL LOPEZ Y TODOS LOS LOPEZ FAMILY, want to wish every single tejano the warmest thanksgiving and if you drink please don’t drive and stay home and listen to either jay perez new cd or some old SCHOOL stuff. There is no harm in staying home during the holidays. Now lets go to our center stage con Frankie tuxedo zungia con todays hejola report.

Ok Gloria thanks again, I am Frankie tuxedo zungia here at the mall con todays hejola report.

A barrio farm truck turns over and release 50 or more turkeys headed to the our annual turkey shoot.
Our new office is giving free turkeys to the first 10 families,
And finally a few turkeys get run over at barrio bingo center.

Late last night several turkeys got run over by some drunk bingo players as they left the bingo center. El constable cadena was asked to investigate this matter. When the constable got there, at least ten turkeys had been run over already. The constable brought them over the ten run over turkeys to our office and see if we could save some of them but was too late. All ten of the turkeys die a few hours later.

With this in mind we are giving out ten free semi-clean but die turkeys to the first ten families willing to take them. The turkeys need to be dressed for that thanksgiving dinner you folks are planning. So if you are interested please don’t call just come by. A few did get run over pretty bad but once you wash them and remove the feathers you couldn’t tell they had gotten run over or anything like that for the exception of one that didn’t have a head. But that’s alright anyhow, its still eat able.

And finally el constable cadena is investigating the barrio farm truck that turned over and released them turkeys. The turkeys were headed to our mall for our annual turkey shoot. After several folks,especially el group J>J>Better treatment of turkeys had been complaining about this unfair treatment of this birds several had said que them turkeys weren’t going to make it to the mall.

It is very possible que esta group J>j>BETTER treatment of turkeys might have sabotage the truck so it wouldn’t have made to the mall, say a member of let me put the finger on you committee ray ray perez. Si we have been watching the mall lately and we knew que esta group of trouble makers were going to do something like that. El constable cadena tells us que several vatos members of this trouble makers had been picked up for questioning on this matter. But have made no arrested. In the pass el group los J>J>better’s have been known for doing this sort of things in the pass. They were arrested several years ago at our pig sale when they release several pigs from the auction block.

Ok raza now back to Gloria.

Thank you Frankie. Well raza I quess we will not be having our turkey shoot after all, but we are still looking for the rest of those turkeys. So if you see a turkey somewhere and it doesn’t have an owner it could be one of our turkeys. Just go ahead and keep it and take it as our xmas present. From our mall, I am Gloria Guerra and have a great tejano day. You too Jay Perez….

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