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barrio stock market report for 11162007

Barrio stock market and realtor report con Urbano Yosabatodo:

Hola mi raza, is it good to be alive or what. Lets stop all this bull like the republicans and lets get things done and going. First of all pad yourselves for going out an vote. Kick yourself on the ass if you didn’t. how many people do you think in the world wished they had it like we do? A bunch. Anyhow Christmas is just around the corner and we are or you should have placed all that stuff on layaway and we wont have this much to worry about.

This week we were allowed to visit a new restaurant jut around the corner. I wonder sometime how people get into debt with out doing an economic study on the impact this business will have in the hood. The main idea here is there enough money in the hood to keep such a fancy shop open. Enough though its across the street from our university, will our students, faculty, and employees have money to spend there.

First of all you need to know that just down the street a similar coffee shop was open, in which we have not had money to visit. But I wonder how long will they stay open? Our barrio is excited about it, but again its all about money. As we have reported previously que not too many taco stand and small restaurants don’t stay open to dam long, and its all about money. We are hoping or shall I say the owners of this establishments are hoping que the gringos in the hood and college population will support them and stay above water.

Oh well life goes on , and now for that award winning barrio stock market:
Market symbols:
a. > increase in price.
b. < decrease in price.
c. ^ stable in price.

>Las empanadas took a sky hike this week, the price went up 25 % the highest it has ever been, the price jumped up to $1.00 each.

^Los taquitios stay pretty stable even with the high prices on every thing, $1.10 each coffee is extra.

^La barbacoa de cabeza has remained pretty stable now that the llama market has takened a step backwards. It has been known that the llama farms had some major damages done to them a few months back, which delay the opening of llama meat into our barrio market.. La barbacoa $5.50 a lb.

>Los tamales also took a hike upward this week. Our tamale man told us que he walks around five to eight miles a day trying to sells his tamales, $6.00 a dozen .

^Las tortillas stay stable this whole week, our three barrio tortilla companies and dealers have gotten together and will sell them at the same price. A dozen of tortillas could make it very difficult for you, since they come in all sizes, small tortillas $1.29 a pack, and larger tortillas @$1.50 a pack.

^Cheap beer, well don’t have much to say about that, only that beer could be good to your health. many don’t realize que beer has lots of good things in it. Now you say name one…ok, lets see………… ok you want another reason? Cheap beer stable at $3.65 a six pack.

Ok raza there you have it for our barrio stock market. Now lets go to our barrio want ads:


Stock no. 5421: two goats for sell, back offer.
Stock no. 4875: used tires for sell, only flat on the bottom, size 14, 15, 16 and 36 . make offer for the whole lot.
Stock no. 5261: used women clothing for sale, make offer.
Stock no. 8754: used car parts for sale.
Stock no. 3256: wanted a young woman for house work. Can move in an will pay a salary. Let me know.

Now here is our realtors report:

Well we final got it. We did try to buy that ocean front property in Arizona but realized it was only a song. Dang it. Anyhow we also found out que our barrio has an increase on apartment for rent compared to last year at this time. We also know that at the end or start of ever month barrio members are on the move. Last year we discovered that 85 percent of the barrio members that move lost their deposit. One barrio landlord welcomes those that cant pay rent to his apartment. Of course they have to sign a contract waving their right to stick around an extra month without paying rent as the law allows. Pesse hejola. You see here is where he makes their profit from.

Ok raza there we have it for this weeks barrio stock market report. For those that read this report we would like to remind you que this weekend is the all happening in alice texas, at the tejano roots. See you all there.

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