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hejola report for 11152007

Hejola report for 11152007. Cchwnn. Kingville,tx. Hello once again I am bill diaz, well the celebrating has finally come to an end. All the staff was asked to come back to work now that a new writers year has began. Yes our many happiness to our creator for that writers award, man oh man lopez you got man, now for our barrio headline news:
A barrio robin hood arrested.
La comadre emma Herrera hit by a semi truck.
And finally a barrio sancho clause arrested for ho ho ho.
It seems que santa does not have a chance this season if he plans on yelling ho ho ho. Well the let me put the finger on you committee must be following the footsteps of some town across the sea where santa’s cant yell ho ho ho. So the committee is informing all the sancho clause in the hood que the ho ho ho is illegal and will be fined if heard yelling ho ho ho. The committee is recommending que all santas should be yell hahahaha. Oh well I quess we just cant have it our way ho ho ho.
In other news, It seems que la comadre emma Herrera had a bit too much to drink last night at la commadres Gonzales baby shower. The police report tells us que emma had a bit too much to drink and wandered off by herself from the party she was at. In here adventure into the hood drunk she tried to wave down a eighteen semi wheeler truck, hit her and knocked her 40 feet into the ground. She was taken to the saint pauls medical center for threatment. No charges will be filed on the truck driver. But charges are pending for la commadre emma Herrera.
And finally el senor Pablo cruz was arrested yesterday afternoon by constable cadena y su staff for stealing and giving to the poor. But the poor he was giving to was women who he was exchanging the loot for sexual favors. El constable tells us que esta robin hood was giving yea but was getting puro good times con todo the stuff he stole. Mr cruz will go to court next week and facing at least ten years in jail.

Well there you have it for today. Ha ha ha tejano roots this weekend in alice tx.

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