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hejola report for 11012007

Hejola report for 11012007.
Kingsville,tx. Hello you all and it sure is getting to look like Christmas. I am bill diaz and I sure hope que you all haven’t eaten all that Halloween candy, cause its bad for you.
But for now lets get to that award winning barrio headline news:
Fake Halloween prank gets two barrio women arrested and fired.
a Sasquatch, or bigfoot seen in the hood late last night.
And finally el compadre Rolando Jackson Gomez arrested at barrio stop and go.

It seems que el compadre Rolando Jackson Gomez was not aware que the barrio stop and go had a surveillance camera. It seems que esta Gomez had a bad habit of eating wieners while he shopped. Well this time he didn’t get away with it. The 76 year old barrio man was arrested for pretty theft. The owner said if he would have only paid for it before he left the store it would have been alright. Pero esta way didn’t.
It seems que la tiya Sylvia mendez called 811 late last night to report a
Primate like animal had just crossed her back yard. She told our reporter que she couldn’t fiqure out what it was. Ms. Mendez told us also que she had been looking out that window for years and had never seen anything like it. It could have been el barrio sasquatch or even that thing they call el barrio bigfoot. El constable told us que Sylvia had just been released from the lala hospital and might just been seeing things or could have gotten it mixed up con that tall vato who has long hair and lives across the street. El constable tells us que he will keep his eyes open and drive around this hood more often.
It seems like a good idea says maria garica y lucy morgan perez Gonzales Moreno after they were released on bail late last night. It seems que this two nurses found it easy to make a Halloween display in front of their home showing a woman having sex with a dead person. Its seems que this two women borrower a corpse from the st. pauls medical center morgue, to put in front of their home. After a few complaints and a call from a person reporting que someone was abusing her husband in front of this woman home. But it turns out que the man had been die for a few days. By the way the body was taken to a real morgue across the tracks.
Well raza there you have it. Have a great tejano day and see you in alice tx.. oh yea..

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