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barrio stock market report for 10192007

Barrio stock market report for 10192007.
Kingsville,tx. Hello big spenders como estan todos, I am urbano yosabatodo con this weeks barrio stock market. Now that our friend mr. Colbert has announced his intention to run for the highest office in the country gives us barrio folks something to talk about. But for now lets go to our barrio stock market report :
Los tamales: the tamale market has hit rock high this week. El tamale guy tells us que the price will kinda go up now que the weather is changing. Los tamales ended the week at $4.75 a dozen, buy raza buy.
Los taquitos: los taquitos regardless what kind you like have remained stable enough to start buying them again. At one time or another the price was going up and up. But it seems que they have stabilize itself. Los taquitos ended the week at an all time low of$.99 cent each. The coffee is extra.
Las empanadas: well as expected the barrio gardeners have all agreed to keep growing stuff during the winter months in order to keep las empanadas down in price. Las empanadas ended the week at $.89 cent each, the highest in months.

la barbacoa de cabeza remained stable this week after news que las llama farms were going to delay their product, ended the week at $5.50 a lb.

las tortillas: man o man it had been a while I had gone shopping and didn’t realize que las tortillas had gone up so high. Las tortillas de corn and flour up , $1.25 to 1.75 a dozen.

Cheap beer: you know its real sad when a person doesn’t have enough to buy a sofa drink but can afford a beer. The point is that beer is cheaper than some sofa drinks, what is this world coming too. Cheap beer ended the week at $3.56 a six pack.

And now llama meat: well raza la familia rubio has announced the arrival of llama meat in the hood. It can be found at the cona Lozano cash and carry sports complex meat market. Llama meat going for $4.45 a lb.

Barrio want ads:

Xd45266: men’s shoes for sale, all sizes make offer.
Sd8756: small kids bike for sale, could be used for midgets. Make offer.
Yt78546: air conditions for sale, some work and some don’t, can be used for parts.
Ty56236: old records: 78,45,331/3 lp. All kind, some tejano and some benny goodmen era. Make offer.
Barrio realtors report:
Well as you might know by now, that our creator thinks he know everything needed to know about anything that he knows. That is why he will have a book out soon “ soy tejano y que”. Why do I post it on here, cause I can.

Well folks there you have I am urbano yosabatodo. And keep it tejano.

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