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WWII medals

My father-in-law (Howard "Hap" Herod) flew with the 439 in WWII. Like many others, he never talked to us about that time, but did get together with others once a year for a fishing trip in Ontario.

He passed away a few years ago and left his medals, uniform, flight log, etc. to his son (my husband).

As a Father's Day gift to my husband I would like to create a "shadow box" display of his dad's picture, medals and other items. I was hoping to include some information regarding the medals as there is little to indicate what they represent. I believe most or all are commerorative of his service in the war, but it would be nice to provide a little more specific documentation.

I have searched the RCAF website, but can't find a diplay or descrption of WWII war medals. Can you suggest a resource where I might be able to match the medals with a picture or description? Or perhaps does someone know from the descriptions below what they represent?

One is in a box labeled CVSM The years shown on the medal are 1939-1945

Next is a star also showing the years 1939-1945. This is on a ribbon with three stripes. dark blue, red and light blue

Next is a star indicating France and Germany. This is attached to a ribbon with 5 stripes. Blue, white, red, white and blue

Next is a silver Voluntary Service Medal 1939-1945. This is on a bar pin, but has no ribbon attached.

There are also two unattached ribbons. The first is 5 stripes: green, orange, blue, orange and green. The second is 5 stripes; blue, white, red, white and blue

There are also two heavy cardboard tags with Off H R Herod stamped on them.

An ID bracelet with the squadron's insignia (I think)

Also a second similar ID bracelet engraved "love, Howie" so I assume this was worn by my mother-in-law

If you have any ideas for a resource or know more about the medals and ID items as described above I would love to hear from you.

Thank you,
Jean Herod