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Tiger Rumblings
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November Updates - 410 Cougar Squadron

Sometime ago a friend of mine happened across a copy of the air-historian's detailed accounting of 410, yes, 410 Cougar Squadron Wartime History.

A search for a website detailing this summary proved unsuccessful, nor could I find any detailed wartime history of 410. Even sadder, there is only vague mention of the 60 aircrew and ground crew who valiantly gave up their lives for the cause of freedom. Most mentions were found on the VAC's Virtual Memorial Website or the Commonwealth War graves Commission.

Who will remember? I will and hopefully you. That is why you will find 410's gripping story listed in the menu under Military History Links as 410 Cougar Squadron Wartime History at

Should you have collateral documentation, stories, photos and or newspaper clippings that would flesh out 410's story, I would be honoured to post it to this website.

Lest we forget!


Re: 410 Cougar Squadron - UPDATE

410 Cougar Squadron now has its own home page and is being graciously hosted by RCAF.COM. It's new URL is Bookmark it as watch it as it begins to grow.