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This is a huge fully indexed site containing 800 documents and  316980 words and is by no means perfect, so if you see something is wrong or you are having difficulty with loading a page, please feel free to comment on it via e-mail or the GuestBook. or the 439 Tiger Notes , or if you have a question on 439 Tiger Squadron. Since feedback is essential for a work such as this, feel free to add your comments.

Tiger Rumblings
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October 2006 Updates

Well it's been a turbulent year for me and my family and as such, I had not done much to update or inform you of changes to this site.

But now I'm back, so on with the show.

Dan McWilliams was kind enough to provide me with additional Tiger names to add to the Nominal Roll, as well as provide me with some back-ground detail for his father the late (Bill McWilliams) who flew CF-104s with 439 from 1972 to 1975, and for the late Captain TK Leuty.

The current CO of 439, Major Joel Roy, sent me some pics of an old Tiger Whirlybird that I will be posting shortly.

As well several readers have advised me of their Tiger status and i have updated the Nominal Rolls accordingly.

Should your name be missing, or should you know of a missing Tiger name, please advise me of the details, and I will do the rest.

As for TIGER RUMBLINGS, like other forums, we have been swamped by spam from automatic text robots that scan the internet for sites to dump thier crap on. We spent a lot of time deleting. To combat this, now whenever one wishes to post a message, he/she has to enter a image code that the robots cannot see or interpret. Thus no automatic spam, and much welcomed feedback

Till next time

Tiger! Tiger! FOD
Tigre! Tigre! CM

More Updates for October 2006

Supplemental updates include adding a profile for Ray Learmond, as well as Al Seitz, Tom Lawson, and Louie Toth, all former Tigers.

In addition, provided additional insight and resource links on S/L Gordon Crosby's first escape from behind enemy lines.

Last but not least, updated the Sabre registry with new information on A/C 19112.