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Tiger Rumblings

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Tiger Rumblings
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Updates October 2005

Over the summer I had the distinct pleasure of hearing from Dru Johns, the nephew of F/O Royce Johns who was killed on Oct 5, 1944. Dru has most generously provided me with photos of his late Uncle, that have now been posted to F/L Johns memorial page as well as through-out the site.

Equally appreciated and welcomed was the contact with Erwin Hill, the grand neice of F/O Roswell Murray McTavish who was killed 18 March 1944. She is in the process of compiling some historic documentation and pictures which will soon grace these pages.

As always, greetings to my friend and former Typhoon pilot of 439 and 440 Squadron fame, S/L (Ret'd) Cody Monson, who keeps me honest by providing first hand accounts of life and conditions that existed in 439's battle front.

And what can I say to Brian Ackland, who is currently compiling a wealth of photos from his late father's (Kingsley Ackland "ACK") collection that will soon grace these pages - except thanks. Kingsley Ackland "ACK" was a member of 439's ground crew during WW II.

Speaking of contacts, K Parry of Ontario (Guelph ?), if you are out there please contact me reference S/L James Beatty.

So these are the current projects. As you can see, this is not my webpage. It is a testament to 439 members, past and present, and their surviving families who have choosen to keep this testament alive. Lest we forget.

And last but not least, if there are other Typhoon pilots out there, I would consider it an honour if you would care to contact me on any subject.



Re: Updates October 2005

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