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Tiger Rumblings

This is a huge fully indexed site containing 800 documents and  316980 words and is by no means perfect, so if you see something is wrong or you are having difficulty with loading a page, please feel free to comment on it via e-mail or the GuestBook. or the 439 Tiger Notes , or if you have a question on 439 Tiger Squadron. Since feedback is essential for a work such as this, feel free to add your comments.

Tiger Rumblings
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Updates Apr 2005

Update postings are a bit out of date so here's what I've been up too.

Since this is the Year of The Veteran and the 60th anniversary of VE-Day, I have been focusing on the WW II pages.

First of all, more than half of the This Day in History segment (600 pages or so) has been re-edited, updated and cross-linked. Where available, additonal Webmaster Notes and external URL's provide necessary background biographies of historical figures mentioned through-out these chronicles.

It is amazing and extremly saddening to realize that with so many Canadian historical military figures of note, there is very little bio info available on the internet in general. They have given so much and we colectively have already forgotten them.

Thanks to the late F/O Geale W.Hewson, I was able to use his pilot's logbook to add commentary to many of those missions.

Many new pictures have been added, especially to the WW II histories, thanks to the contributions of supporters, 439 family members and other webmasters and historians.

The main page has gone through many incarnations in the hope of providing an interesting and at the same time , a functional menu system.

And last but not least, many new external links have been added to provide you with additional reference points.

As always I am keen on getting feedback from you, so feel free to record your comments either in this forum or in the guestbook, or simply drop me an e-mail.

Lest we forget.