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Tiger Rumblings

This is a huge fully indexed site containing 800 documents and  316980 words and is by no means perfect, so if you see something is wrong or you are having difficulty with loading a page, please feel free to comment on it via e-mail or the GuestBook. or the 439 Tiger Notes , or if you have a question on 439 Tiger Squadron. Since feedback is essential for a work such as this, feel free to add your comments.

Tiger Rumblings
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Updates Mid Feb

A lot of behind the scenes housekeeping done, updating links, correcting errors,cosmetic changes,etc. Major addition to the history section with three chapters (6, 6, 7. Alas, still missing a copy of the final two chapters. Also added a new segment listing all the Commanding Officers of 439 with pictures. May be expanded if I find enough bio information. And as usual, new names added to the Nominal Roll. That's it for now. Tiger Tiger FOD