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Tiger Rumblings
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Zoids Chaotic Century Season 1

Zoids Chaotic Century Season 1 >

Zoids Chaotic Century Season 1

Fiona tries to untie them but also gets caught, but Irvine manages to get Van and Moonbay free. After snooping and sneaking around Irvine learns even though the Republican Army is backed into a corner, they have a bold strategy. Osa and get a bright blue rock called Zoid Magnite. First they start with a man called Hiltz, then they go on to, Ambient, Reice, Specular, then finally Raven and Shadow. 37 "The Blue Devil" 2002-04-09 Van and Fiona go to a nearby village, where Captain O'Connell and his men found a whole truck load of stone tablets which may lead to Zoid Eve. D with them and lets them out. He fought the third one and it came down to a draw fight with no weapons. D tells Van about the legend on how the city will awake. Then they are surrounded and captured by Republican soldiers.

Raven is not the Raven that Van knew back in Chaotic Century, he has been psychologically effected by the loss he received. Van survives after learning that he could put up a shield with the Shield Liger. 06 "Jump! Zeke!" 2002-02-25 Van and Co. Dr. As Irvine was warning the guys, Rudolph falls down the cliff onto a smaller cliff. D finds out Fiona is an Ancient Zoidian, a lost race of people that were thought to be wiped out a long time ago by the Death Saurer. Later, Van and the others look at the damage and Van becomes really angry, drops the soldier's picture, and runs off with Zeke.

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