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Breakin' confidenaility (Peggy Stull- Homebase worker)

Peggy Stull works 4 Homebase inc. But there is no confidenaility with her.She has talked about all of her clients with family and other clients. She has drug addict kids and acts like everything is perfect! I think we need to be doin' some checkin' on our workers. Do we really want her to be a foster care worker?? She's still hung up on her ex husband & his ol' lady. Keeps tryin' to cause them problems. She even tried to get Melanie kicked outta rehab. I thought she was supposed to help people. I know I don't want my kids around her or her kids!!! Her son Jesse is a needle junky & smokes oxys off foil. That's why she has his baby all the time. Hell, I know someone who has sold pills 4 Peggy last summer when she quit Snowshoe to go to work 4 Homebase!!! Wonder what CPS & the JUDGE would think about that??? Do we really want someone like that raisin' peoples kids??? Didn't do a very good job with her own. Needle junky, Crack wh*re & a Drunk!!! One more thing, her & Jimmy Lane- She told someone a few months back Jimmy had a thing 4 her (I don't see how) they do seem pretty close. I don't know about ya'll but there's what's on my mind!!! HOLLA


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