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Wanna talk about hipocrisy?

First, I would like start off by addressing my recent affair with the site. I would also like to state that I had no knowledge of the site and or the concerns regarding this website. Now I wish that I would not have posted what I did before knowing certain aspects and limitations of this particular site.

I posted an “opinion” where I claimed that a former employee of the Sheriff's Department in Pocahontas County should not be judged by people on this particular website. I now see that this websites main focal point is on making it known what is going on in the county no matter what or who it inflicts.

That I have no problem with, however, I do have a problem with everyone behind the site being hypocritical. I have a few things that I would like to address and before you ban me I would like to ask that you please read what I have to say. Also, you do not have to answer me because all of my questions are “rhetorical” questions, so keep that in mind.

I would like to say that I think it was arbitrary that you banned me from your site when I made a comeback to sideshowbob about him sucking your **** because he was so hastily taking up for you. I realize that he is on your side and will follow you and take up for you no matter what. That is the reason I made the comment. I saw a comment made by cwilliams where he said something about someone sucking jonesees ****. This post you decided to keep on your website. Why not my comment? Is it because it was not a comment to your liking and not on your behalf? Keep in mind that that question was “rhetorical”.

There was also some beneficent of a remark to a post that was on here recently. It was taken off due to the fact that the person of interest was victimized. That was based on the account she was the only 2nd grade teacher of an evident school. Is it ok to post threads with certain officials names in the subject line, but it is not ok to discuss a certain teacher? Now remember what I said earlier, rhetorical.

This new site claims to be about making it so posts are anonymous when it blocks you if you try to post from a proxy server. But no one wants to post their real name because it is “anonymous. Or maybe its because the comments are so stupid nobody wants to claim them. I have always posted my name and I have always been blocked. That is when I started using a “proxy” which ends up blocked as well. I guess this site is close-minded.

Now sideshowbob thinks he is being smart by posting on the beautifulpocahontas site after being banned. Just the way this site thought they were banning me after I decided to post twice. Which leads me to the following incident that I would like to make known. There is something on this new site about Barry whining like a baby to the bravenet server to get the etater shut down. I would like to conclude in this statement that the Adminstrators of the Etater site threatened to have my internet shut off for abuse in which then “I would have time to reflect”. And what was the reason behind this certain threat? Because I posted on their site after I was so called banned. Thank you very much.

Re: Wanna talk about hipocrisy?

well cwilliams is my name and im not afraid post my name.Do you know why?Because there isnt too many ppl in poca. that (citizen or law enforcement ) that want to tangle with me. Why?Because im not scared. And the reason my post was left on was because i called them out.(i believe)If not please correct me mod.

Re: Wanna talk about hipocrisy?

Megan B,

It is great that you have so many thoughts and opinions. Hopefully, you will never feel constrained to post them. That is what our freedom of speech is all about. Now of course there are some reservations about slandering and defaming someone. This however does not apply to “public” figures.

Of course what constitutes a public figure is sometimes up to a court to decide.

You obviously, do not like to see some of our citizens criticized. In many respects it truly is a cheap shot for people on here to simply criticize just anyone. Especially, if that person is not even posting on Etater. That being said, though clearly someone who is a law enforcement officer or an elected official is a public figure. And comments pro and con about those people are in play.

But, if one posts their comments on here and then receives some feed back then this too is appropriate as long as no law is being violated or libelous comments are being made. Often posters are in borderline situations.

I have posted many comments here on etater. And other than Norman I do not believe anyone has received more negative feedback. I have been called almost every name in the book and for sure threatened. While, slanderous, the name calling has simply defined the poster as one who cannot find a cogent argument to refute me.

So Megan B. since you are indeed posting on here you are obviously not banned. Your defense of anyone who is the focus of others is to be appreciated and absorbed. Having alternate points of view is healthy, desirable, productive and mentally stimulating. Of course this does not mean that you or anyone else is “correct.”

I currently have a peace bond case against Patrick Coleman for saying that he was going to injure me. This was necessary because the sheriff did not do his job when instructed to do so by the prosecutor.

Like, me, anyone else can defend themselves against malicious attacks.

So Megan B. please keep posting, please keep voicing your opinion and please read and accept or counter those who may agree or disagree with you.

Re: Wanna talk about hipocrisy?

Whats the matter, are you jealous? I'm glad you seem to think you know so much about me, especially since I haven't been to Poca in 6 years. Maybe I used to be a mess, but I'm sure if you went through what I did you would have been too. Your comment was plain ignorant and indecorous.

Re: Wanna talk about hipocrisy?

I don't have herpes, so you must be jealous of something. How about next time you post your name and we'll see how many nice things there are to say about you. You're just parading around as a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Re: Wanna talk about hipocrisy?

Is that the best you can come up with? Still too scared to post your name. Question, what did I ever do to you?

Re: Wanna talk about hipocrisy?

Haha, hit the bricks. If you can't do any better than personally attacking someone then you need to stop. That's pretty ridiculous and rather pathetic. That kind of BS will get you banned on both sites (yes, I do have your IP from here and easily cross referenced on the other site) so, cut it out or say goodbye on both sites.

Megan, I see you registered on the other site. good. You didn't need to register with a proxy after all did you? The reason I do not allow proxies is because anyone that needs to use one never has good intentions. -Admin

Re: Wanna talk about hipocrisy?

Thank you admin! I was wondering how long that was going to be tolerated, but then I thought maybe I deserved it. That person obviously isn't a very big fan of mine.
I guess now that is over with I will see everyone on the new site. Sorry about my recent argument, I was just bitter from being banned.


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