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Well, Well, Well, it seems the hypocrisy of the other web site continues full blast. Someone asked them why they did not post anything about the Sheriff’s dept and the Gestapo answer was that they can read about it here on Etater.

Well, that is just their way of saying that free speech does NOT exist on their web site. And that is just their way of telling everyone that they control all the information. Hmmmm, sounds like China or Iran or Russia.

And of course they do not tell of their conflict of interest. The COMRAD leader over there does not reveal that he and the sheriff are in a love fest that rivals any other. They give each other awards, reward each other with kudos and positions and favors.

Now I do not believe all the things written on here about the Sheriff, but all of you have a right to express your opinions of how he runs his office.

And nobody has received more flack or negative comments on etater than me. I can handle it, Norman can handle it; why cannot our bureaucrats?

It is no wonder that the other web site is not free and open and following American ideals.

Yes, the CHIEF COMRAD over there is the epitome of the main pig in the great book “Animal Farm.” The basis of the story is that everyone is equal except that the pigs are more equal. That is exactly how this other web site feels and acts. They are more equal than you are.

Some of you have asked what happened to Etater over the past several days.

Well, all you have to do is connect the dots. My thread about what happened to my emails to the court house and all of your responses WAS REMOVED and etater is prohibited from using the name of the web site of that other guy or his name. Now, who do you think would do such a thing? Ha

So this is the US of A that those guys want for you and me and your children. Controlled information that just gives the party line. Yes, truth is a controlled item over there.

So if you respond to this you cannot use the name of that other web site or its owner.


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