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Pray for the victims of Haiti earthquake

13 January 2010 | 19:51 | FOCUS News Agency
Porte-au-Prince. Hundreds of thousands of people have died in Haiti's earthquake, the prime minister told CNN Wednesday.
Haitian authorities said the powerful quake destroyed most of the capital city of Port-au-Prince.
A top envoy called it a "major catastrophe."
Haiti's first lady, Elisabeth Debrosse Delatour, reported that "most of Port-au-Prince is destroyed" and that many government buildings had collapsed, Haiti's ambassador to the United States, Raymond Joseph, told CNN Wednesday morning. Delatour said President René Préval was all right, Joseph reported.

Re: Pray for the victims of Haiti earthquake

They have mine and my families' prayers.

Re: Pray for the victims of Haiti earthquake

it is so sad and i feel for everyone.. But i still want to know when are they are to start helping are own :( .. but i guess it makes us look good to help everyone else .. Not speaking for everyone. just the way i feel about it ..guess i will never understand


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