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From the Grapevine--Prosecutor Has Her Belly Full of this Coun ty

Nice conversation with one of my informants this evening.

It sees that Donna Meadows Price has had her belly full of the prosecuting business in Pocahontas County and does not intend to run again.

I don't know who did it: Jonese, Wilfong, or Alkire but it is quite clear to my source that she has lost the will to attack the corruption and is willing to stand back and let it go on unabated.

I have tried to figure out what her problem is and it seems to have come down to one simply thing: she has a clue as to what she is doing!!! I hated to believe that but it has become clear that she doesn't know how to prosecute the criminals.

Donna is determined to let Wilfong back on the police force. And Patrick Via is more than willing to accommodate her wishes.

Re: From the Grapevine--Prosecutor Has Her Belly Full of this Coun ty

It is a darn shame, but It is sad to say, When I saw that it was going to be a new game in your town, I thought WOW things will change, Well have they?? Donna, Don't let this get you down, do the right things, ask yourself Why you ran to begin with, start there, don't let the good ole boy network do this to you,,,,

Re: From the Grapevine--Prosecutor Has Her Belly Full of this Coun ty

I shared the enthusiasm and hope of many people in our county that Donna Price Meadows would have the courage, idealism and integrity to prosecute to the fullest extent those who threaten the safety and peace, tempt our children with drugs, and cast negative light on the community as a place to live, vacation and spend money as a tourist. It takes a strong, fearless, non-compromising person to take on these criminals, and our DA campaigned on her promises to be that person we so desperately need. Our new sheriff and his deputies have brought dozens of arrests to your gavel, yet your promises to be tough on criminals have been broken - the same people appear week after week in the magistrates' report unhampered. There are few deterrents to crime in this county - no accountability, unlimited second chances, and no fear of consequences. Ms. Price, if you aren't willing to step up and be the one to make a difference and declare this the "tipping point" for crime, please get out of the way so someone else can.

Re: From the Grapevine--Prosecutor Has Her Belly Full of this Coun ty

She has been in office for one year now. During her first year only one case got tried in Circuit Court! This was a case left over from the Walt Weiford ERA.

A Whole Lot of "in" and hardly any "out"

Jonese is arresting people two or three a day. But if you notice, no one is ending up going to trial. Donna is totally overwhelmed. She is not capable of handling the prosecutor's job. It is time that she resign!! She has plenty of secretaries and an assistant but nothing is really happening.

Other counties only have one prosecutor and no assistant, one half of her budget and one half her staff and they get twice as much done!! What's going on?

Re: A Whole Lot of "in" and hardly any "out"

Again, normal posting what he has heared..... If Donna would do everything norman wants he still would pee down his leg and say it was her fault.... Need to redue your numbers (may check your inside people again)... You want her on the case and then when she doesnt do what you want your mad like a toddler..When she recuses herself your mad.... make up your mind...Oh and if you have clients, then your practicing without a license.. a crime... oh wait norman is always right, i forgot..

Re: A Whole Lot of "in" and hardly any "out"

Once again it’s necessary to reflect back on the last election when Ms. Meadows ran against Mr. Weiford. Mr. Weiford was a prosecutor with vast experience. He had tried cases against some of the finest attorneys in West Virginia. He had the confidence of the judges. Defendants pleaded guilty because they and their lawyers knew that they faced trial and a possible longer sentence if they did otherwise. Mr. Weiford attended West Virginia University College of Law. His long-time residency here demonstrated a commitment to Pocahontas County. By his long tenure he had demonstrated that he was willing to take the prosecutor’s job for what it paid, that he wasn’t using it as a stepping stone to some other position.

The other choice was Ms. Meadows. While she had some experience in the Putnam County prosecutor’s office, it seemed mostly to involve juvenile proceedings. There was no reason to believe that she had ever tried a jury case to verdict. She attended as law school that was not accredited by the ABA.
The choice seemed stark and obvious. Many of us expressed amazement on these pages that anyone would turn out a seasoned prosecutor in favor of someone so lacking in experience. Still, Alderman led the campaign to elect Meadows. Why? Well, it seems that Weiford refused to prosecute Board of Education officials for the offense of spending money that was appropriated to the high school golf team on the high school golf team. Readers will recall that Alderman was fired for making a spectacle of himself at a Board meeting by, among other things, calling the officials thieves for spending the golf team money on the golf team. Prosecution of these Board officials was Alderman’s only shot at salvation, but Weiford, quite rightly, refused to do it. So Alderman helped hound Weiford out of office.

Then, when Meadows was elected, she refused to prosecute the officials, as any lawyer would. Of course Alderman turned on her, and now blemishes her given any opportunity.

Irony abounds.

Re: A Whole Lot of "in" and hardly any "out"

I assumed that Donna would not have run for prosecutor unless she was fully credential. I had no idea she didn't attend a bona fide law school. Only too late did I learn that she hadn't gotten a legitimate legal education.

Re: A Whole Lot of "in" and hardly any "out"

Who cares, Well she can still get up and do her job to the best of her ability, That is all that matters, She needs to be part of the team, To make it happen, It takes more than one.

Re: A Whole Lot of "in" and hardly any "out"

Are you talking about Alkire or Wilfong?

Re: A Whole Lot of "in" and hardly any "out"

Alderman pleads ignorance, a plea I would almost always accept from him. Alderman typically makes wild claims concerning things about which his ignorance is profound. But it’s more than ignorance.

Alderman expects public servants to advance his personal vendettas. This is his primary motivation, and coupling this fact with his acknowledged ignorance, we have no reason to pay attention to his opinions about things political.

We don’t know how much influence Alderman has on elections. It may be very slight. Hopefully, we will reach the point where Alderman’s endorsement will help his pick’s opponent in the same way an endorsement by Don Blankenship now harms the endorsee. Maybe we are already there.

Re: From the Grapevine--Prosecutor Has Her Belly Full of this Coun ty

Why should Donna be the Don Quixote of Pocahontas County and be charged with the task of having to "Step up and be the one to make a difference" when law enforcement and other court officials aren't willing (or able) to "make a difference?"
I believe the term "tilting at windmills" is appropriate when one tries their best to "take on criminals," yet is railroaded, snafu'd and otherwise screwed by those whom are satisfied not to extend any effort when it comes to putting those criminals you mentioned behind bars.
One can only beat a dead horse for so long before looking in the corral for a live mount. If I were her, I'd ride out of Pocahontas County and leave the carcass of "tipping points" behind...

Re: From the Grapevine--Prosecutor Has Her Belly Full of this Coun ty

I hope she is not blaming her co-workers for her lack of performance. That just makes a bad situation twice as bad.

Re: From the Grapevine--Prosecutor Has Her Belly Full of this Coun ty

Goodness knows she has plenty of staff! I am afraid they are going to hurt themselves tripping on each other.


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