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Missing boxer dog!!

My daughter's dog came up missing 5 days ago. He is a full blooded boxer fawn color and really lovable and he wouldn't hurt anybody. We live up Sunset road he came up missing when I left to go get her from school and when we came home he was gone!!! We would love to have him home for Christmas which is also his 1st birthday. Please if you have any information please let us know. It would be the best present to my little girl!! Thank you!! Please call 304-799-2571 if u have any info at all thank you!!

Re: Missing boxer dog!!

Where was he when last seen? Is he wearing a collar or identification? What name does he respond to?

Re: Missing boxer dog!!

He was last seen at our home one sunset road in between minniehaha and frost. His name is Jasper he had only a silver choke collar on he had just broke his other collar with tags!!

Re: Missing boxer dog!!


Re: Missing boxer dog!!

my dog came home last night!!! Thanks

Re: Missing boxer dog!!

That's great,I have a boxer the same exact age and I don't know what I would do if it came up missing.


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