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Blue Light Specials Are All Over the Place

Inside the Mind of an Outlaw(What's left after all the drugs.) ROFLMAO

Now, let me see. When are they coming? Are they going to bust me? Sure surprised me when they got the 3 in the Bartow, Frank & Durbin area! Where is that crystal ball? I've got to know! They've got all of those all over the Marlinton end, too! (The Outlaw doesn't know where to hide his stash now, poor fella, LOL.) They're coming to take you away, haha! That's all that keeps running through his head. (Ya know drugs make ya paranoid.) They're going to put me on the chain gang! That, or in a cell with just me and, guess who? Bubba! I know, I'll lay down, pop my pill, just relax, to ease the nerves. It will be alright. The nightmares and cold sweats begin, tossing and turning. You're having a nightmare that they're reaching for you when all of a sudden, a loud thud makes you jump up, wide awake...when the door gets kicked in. An Officer would say, "the search warrant's in my boot," and knock you off your bu++ faster than you can say, "Police Brutality." Go ahead. Have the nightmares! They're coming to take you away, haha! (Be your luck, your mind is so far gone, they'll get a straightjacket and haul you to the funny farm!) LOL

I Really Do Like Our New Sheriff! Go Jonese!
Better believe they're coming and they're going to get even more! It's high time we had some law swing into action on this, real law. What gets me, is that it's mostly the same Deputies, but a different Sheriff, pushing them. Think the previous one spent too much time playing.

Look out burglars, too! Same goes for you! If you all try to get in anyone's house in this county, you better believe we are armed and dangerous!

Good Riddance to old Alkire...all he ever did was...well, I can't think of a thing he did, can you? Bailed his son out of a mess, here and there, all his life. I just about burnt my brain out, trying to think of something he did to help the citizens, LOL.


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